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Solar Panel Mounting Post

The Exectronics Solar Mounting Post Part Number E17122 is an essential component for securely installing solar control equipment in various settings. Crafted from durable steel and finished with a protective hot-dip galvanized coating, this mounting post offers reliability and longevity in outdoor environments.

Designed with practicality in mind, the post comes in two parts, allowing for effortless transportation and assembly on site. With a total length of 4.7 meters, it provides ample support for mounting solar control units, goosenecks, and the innovative 360 Degree Solar Panel Mounting Frame.

Whether it’s the Exectronics Solar Control Unit E17008, the Exectronics Gooseneck E17121, or the versatile 360 Degree Solar Panel Mounting Frame E17120, this mounting post ensures a secure and stable foundation for your solar equipment.

Engineered for ease of use and durability, the Exectronics Solar Mounting Post E17122 is the ideal solution for your solar installation needs, offering reliable support and hassle-free installation for a sustainable energy future.