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Get It Built Fast and Built Right with Exectronics

Don’t compromise on speed or quality when it comes to your projects. At Exectronics, we offer the best of both worlds with our expert in-house design and manufacturing capabilities. We understand the importance of efficient procurement and production processes, streamlining the entire journey for our valued customers.

From initial concept to final commissioning, we are dedicated to delivering exactly what you need. Our unique design approach sets us apart, backed by years of experience that enables us to truly understand our customers’ requirements. This knowledge allows us to manufacture and supply equipment that not only meets but exceeds expectations, ensuring seamless installation and operation. Trust Exectronics to bring your vision to life efficiently and flawlessly.



Exectronics: Your Trusted Manufacturer of Type Approved Signalling Equipment

At Exectronics, we take pride in our extensive range of type approved equipment catering to diverse signalling applications. Our offerings encompass essential items such as Surge Protection, Trackside equipment, Power supplies, Switchboards, and more.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and control. Our dedicated team of engineers, fitters, and fabricators works diligently in-house at our Roseville head office and factory. This enables us to maintain strict oversight throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that each piece of equipment meets our high standards of excellence.

Rely on Exectronics to deliver reliable, type approved equipment that excels in signalling applications. Experience the peace of mind that comes from working with a trusted manufacturer focused on precision and reliability.



Experience the Perfect Balance: Fast and Flawless Signalling and Product Design

No longer do you have to compromise between speed and quality. At Exectronics, we have revolutionized the approach to signalling and product design, ensuring you get the best of both worlds. Our focus lies in creating products that not only satisfy our customers but also delight the end users.

From the initial stages to the final delivery, we are committed to providing exactly what you need. Design plays a crucial role in the success of a product, and our team of experienced electrical engineers understands the unique requirements of our customers. With their expertise, we create products that are meticulously designed with the end user in mind, ensuring a seamless installation process.

Discover the difference that our innovative approach to design makes. With Exectronics, you can have confidence in receiving fast and flawless solutions that exceed your expectations. Trust us to deliver the perfect blend of speed, quality, and user-centric design.



Custom manufacturing

Exectronics: Your Trusted Partner in Design and Manufacturing Solutions

With over 30 years of experience, Exectronics has been a reliable source for customers seeking solutions to intricate design and manufacturing challenges. Our seasoned team is dedicated to alleviating frustrations and providing tailored products that meet your unique requirements.

We specialize in manufacturing both standard and custom products, ranging from power supplies, power distribution surge protection, switchboards, and trackside equipment, among others. Our comprehensive capabilities encompass assembly, custom manufacturing, engineering, testing, repairs, and design services.

Our switchboards, transformers, and track equipment are fully customizable, allowing us to build and manufacture according to your specifications. We offer a range of features, including:

– Indoor or Outdoor Enclosure – IP21 – IP65
– Surge Protection– Meters & Monitoring
– Earth Leakage Detection
– Custom Mounting Arrangements

Allow our experienced team of engineers and fabricators to bring your design to life. Contact us today to embark on your next project and experience the Exectronics difference.


Wholesale and procurement

Exectronics: Your Reliable Source for a Wide Range of Products Across Australia

At Exectronics, we proudly offer an extensive range of products throughout Australia. In addition to manufacturing and developing our own equipment, we also serve as trusted agents for renowned companies, including:

– Sankosha
– Nichifu
– Hakel
– Signal Concepts

We understand the importance of streamlined procurement for our customers. Our dedicated team will assist you in sourcing the products you need for your next project, ensuring timely delivery, seamless installation, and successful commissioning.

As one of Australia’s leading Rail Signalling manufacturing companies, we have established strong distribution partnerships across the country. This means that no matter where you are located, you can access the equipment and gear you require.

Explore our website to discover more about our comprehensive product offerings. Trust Exectronics to be your reliable partner in meeting your rail signalling and equipment needs.

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