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Exectronics: Leading Rail Signalling Solutions for Australia and Beyond

At Exectronics, we take pride in our contribution to keeping rail signalling on track throughout Australia. Our commitment to delivering quality products and services, while adhering to schedules and budgets, sets us apart.

Operating from our headquarters in Roseville, NSW, we specialize in the design, manufacturing, and supply of rail signalling equipment across Australia and internationally.

With a proven track record spanning over 30 years, Exectronics has consistently built and implemented innovative solutions for major signalling projects. Our notable achievements include the development of high-speed changeover equipment, switchboards, and other specialized switching gear.

Join our growing list of satisfied customers who have experienced the reliability and excellence of Exectronics in the rail signalling industry.


Rail signalling

With over 50+ years of Rail Signalling Experience we understand the requirements when it comes to Signalling in Australia. Our range of products includes a one stop shop for all your rail signalling requirements. This Includes:

– Batteries & Chargers
– Bonding & Earthing
– CSEE & Jeumont Accessories
– DC – DC Converters
– High-Speed ECO’s and Transfer Switches
– Electrolysis & Impedance
– Lamps
– Level Crossing Equipment
– MRD Products
– Filtered, Unfiltered & Switch-mode Power Supplies
– Relays & Timers
– Surge Protection, Arrestors & Panels
– Switches
– Switchboards & Customer Distribution Boards
– Terminals & Tools
– Track Equipment including Solar & Posts
– Transformers




Power distribution & switchboards

Customized Power Distribution and Switchboard Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At Exectronics, we are delighted to offer a diverse range of power distribution, switchboards, changeover, and power transfer systems. Our custom switchboards and equipment are meticulously built to order on a project-by-project basis, allowing us to fully cater to your unique requirements.

We understand the importance of customization, and our offerings reflect this commitment. Our products can be tailored to your specifications, including:

– Custom Enclosures, Plinths & Mounting Options
– Surge Protection
– Circuit Breakers, Isolators, and Chassis
– Metering
– Earth Leakage Detectors
– Switches & Pushbuttons
– Escutcheons or Through-door Circuit Breakers or Isolators

To ensure a seamless installation process, all of our equipment is designed with the customer in mind. Each switchboard comes pre-wired, labelled, tested, and ready to be installed, saving you time and effort.

Choose Exectronics for bespoke power distribution and switchboard solutions that align perfectly with your requirements. Experience the convenience and reliability of our meticulously crafted products.


Surge Protection

Your Trusted Provider of Lightning and Surge Protection Equipment for Railways

With a rich history spanning over 30 years, Exectronics has been a reliable supplier of Lightning and Surge Protection Equipment to the railway industry. We offer an extensive range of solutions, ranging from Gas Lightning Arrestors to Surge Panels and Busbar modules.

Our Surge Panels, with over 1000 IVAPS (Inductor Varistor Arrestor Panel) sold, are purpose-built for railway applications. These panels have been rigorously tested and proven to deliver exceptional performance. Available in voltages of 120, 240, and 415, and ranging from 25 to 1000 Amps, our Surge Panels are designed to meet the specific needs of the railway industry.

For more information about our wide range of Surge Panels, Arrestors, and devices, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Exectronics is committed to providing reliable lightning and surge protection solutions to ensure the safety and efficiency of railway systems.



Trackside equipment & power supplies

Exectronics offers a wide range of Trackside Equipment and Power Supplies designed for use in Rail Signalling systems throughout Australia. We are pleased to offer:

 Filtered Power Supplies
– Unfiltered Power Supplies
– Switch-mode Power Supplies
– DC-DC Converters
– Jeumont & CSEE style Equipment and Accessories.
– Solar Track Circuits

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