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Uncompromising Quality and Reliability

At Exectronics, we take pride in manufacturing all our products to the highest standard, maintaining constant inspection and a culture of precision. As a result, the majority of our product line has earned approval from Sydney Trains & ARTC for implementation in the demanding and rigorous rail environment. Our products are known for their exceptional durability, high reliability, and long service life, leaving no room for failure.

In addition, we offer the option of providing workshop or on-site training and support to empower your staff and enhance their product knowledge. Trust Exectronics to deliver unrivaled quality and comprehensive support for your rail projects.

Some of our key product areas:

  • Solar Power Systems to customers requirements
  • Track feed units including Solar Track Circuits
  • Transformers from 20VA – 300KVA
  • High Voltage Transformers up to 8MW
  • Switch Mode power supplies including EXMODE DC-DC products.
  • Transformer Rectifiers
  • Level Crossing Equipment, Including chargers and full suite of trackside boxes
  • External Lightning and Over Voltage protection Panels from 15A – 1000A
  • VAPL Panels and Transient earth clamps
  • Non Vital Relay Panels and Relays
  • Track circuit Power supplies for CSEE equipment
  • Track Shorting clips to BRB standard
  • Emergency Changeover Contactors 50-1000A
  • Purpose built Switchboards both indoor and outdoor
  • Sankosha Lightning Gas tube Arrestors
  • Mounting Channel for CSEE and Jeumont Track Circuits
  • Signalling Lamps
  • Custom Test Equipment and Electronics

Coming soon

A new and exciting range of marine equipment